Family First

Red Diesel Photography has been around since 2012 and placing our family has always come first for us. We started the company with hopes of getting into wedding photography. All we had back then were dreams of making it big in the wedding industry.

Neither of us has any formal training when it comes to photography. We are self taught through watching people we have met in the photography industry and friends who have dabbled in it. Hours spent trying out equipment, learning terminology, watching youtube videos, experimenting with light and poses.

Photography is a labour of love on all fronts. It takes time to build up your style and then even when you think you have it down, something will change. Maybe it’s the slightest change in angle, or even a simple change in a head tilt, we are always evolving and growing and learning.

Moving Forward

The wedding industry is a tough business in Calgary. There are thousands of photographers out there trying to get business and grow their name and brand. We stuck around for a few years and had some amazing clients in that time but there was always something missing from those hours spent with couples getting ready, exchanging vows, first dances and the parties afterwards.

Once the wedding was over, our job was done. We were there for their most important day but we always wondered what happened after? As a married couple ourselves, we know there are many stages in a families evolution. First comes marriage, then comes a house and then comes along some kids or even 4. Maybe throw in a dog and a cat or some fish, maybe purchase a farm. Trips, birthdays, graduations. There are always important days that help to shape families and tell their stories. Weddings were just the beginning. We wanted to see what came after.

Evolution takes time

Our desire to watch our own family grow and change with the passing of time gave us a new purpose. Red Diesel Photography has grown to be something bigger than just images. We want to tell stories about family and love and growth in whatever shape that takes.

Being able to take a look back on our photos with our own kids and family has sparked a joy that we want others to experience. Our family has always come first and that will always be at the root of our business.

Still, round the corner, there may wait, a new road or a secret gate


The feelings of joy, love, delight, passion. All the emotions that can accompany a single image. What greater feeling is there in the world? We are a red diesel family first. It’s what we know and it’s what fuels us. Our images are just a small fraction of you families stories but they are the most precious of images because they tell your story.