Maui love A Family Vacation

Back in 2011 our family got to experience our first family vacation overseas to beautiful Maui and we fell in love. Our first family vacation left us wanting more and Maui delivered more than memories. 

Even though our kids were still young this was a trip of a lifetime for our family. The weather was perfect, the scenery was breathtaking and the memories are still plentiful. Maui proved to be a place worth visiting and our love for travel as a family took root.

Overseas Travel with kids

When we were approached with the idea of travelling to Maui we were a little hesitant at first. Although we would be going with family to a wedding, travelling overseas with little kids was a first for us. The farthest we had taken the kids was Idaho on a road trip when our son was only a year old. This would be the first time on a plane.

What kid wouldn’t love to fly above the clouds? Our son was almost 4 when we left for Maui and our daughter was 5 and half. We felt it was the perfect opportunity to let them experience the magic of flight and travel. Little did we know that travelling to the Island would prove life changing in many ways.

Being fortunate enough to travel with extended family was also a bonus for we could have multiple eyes on the kids and our luggage. We left Calgary with eager faces and excited at the thought of finally going overseas with the kids.

kihei, Maui

Maui Family Vacation

Upon our arrival in Maui we were surprised and awe struck at the simple beauty of the island. Once we were able to get our rental we started our drive south to Kihei to our condo where finally got a chance to see the coast firsthand.

Our Maui Family Vacation had finally started!

South Kihei, Maui

One of the best things about our condo was the close proximity to the beach. Despite the fact that the kids had taken swimming lessons, we weren’t so eager to let them into the ocean just yet so having a pool was a huge bonus. Majority of the time was spent at the pool with the little ones.

The road to Hana

If you’ve ever been to Maui you know the Road to Hana is one of those trips you can’t pass up. With gravel and coffee in hand, we set off on the road. Pictures don’t do justice to this spectacular but naseasting drive!

An island of simplicity

Our time on the island of Maui lasted two weeks. Within that time span, we got to celebrate a wedding, visit the aquarium, tour the plantations, visit the Haleakala Crater, go to a traditional lau, spend time with family and friends and enjoy the sunshine. Eight years after our time on the Island of Maui the kids are still asking when we will go back. They remember bits and pieces from our first family vacation and those are memories we hope last a lifetime.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”