Street Photography

Street photography has many different levels and layers. There are some who capture buildings, nature, people, landscapes. We love them all but our favourite would be the people we see. There is something about taking out your camera and snapping a moment of unsuspecting people in their most authentic and instant moment in time. 

Throughout our travels we have met many people on the streets of Canada, United States and Mexico. There have been strange and loving encounters and strange and scary ones too. Although you can never predict how some will react to having their photo taken, we love to capture those moments as they happen.

Alberta street photography

We have traveled on many roads in and around Calgary. Some have been paved and others dirt but they all have something different to show us. Anytime we can escape the city and travel into the country or mountains we are sure to have our camera handy. You never know what you may find in your own backyard, if you only take the time to look.

Calgary floods 2013

As a Calgarian we were witness to the floods that wiped out all of downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods back in 2013. Even though we were not affected directly, it was a very scary time for those that sought shelter from the storms and the ensuing chaos that followed that summer. We ventured down with the kids to see for ourselves the disaster that mother nature had undoubtedly unleashed with fury.

United States street photography

We have done numerous travels down into the States from Montana, to California and Illinois. As a family we love to travel by car, it’s the only way to truly see the landscape around you. It also gives you a chance to see people in their own environment. Which also means we get to capture moments otherwise forgotten as soon as they pass.

What’s next?

Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

David Alan Harvey

We have plans to keep travelling and experiencing as much of this planet as we can. To capture those moments and look back and remember. These are the moments that let us return to times passed.