Reasons to visit Ghost Town in Revelstoke

The reasons to visit Ghost Town in Revelstoke are plentiful but we have our favourites.

Without a doubt ghost towns can be found everywhere. By far our favourite to visit is right in our own backyard in Revelstoke, British Columbia. As a family we love to travel. Every summer we take the family out to Mabel Lake, British Columbia for a week long off the grid camping trip.

Dang Family Ghost Town Revelstoke British Columbia

En route to our campsite, a pit stop in this picturesque ghost town is a must. This place is located just off highway 1 past Revelstoke, British Columbia. The chateau in 3 valley gap has been here since the 1880’s. As travellers embarked on a coast to coast trip meant for the patient and adventurous folk, they needed a place to rest. For further info on the chateau, you can read about it’s history here.

The adjacent ghost town is actually a labour of love that was created by the Bell Family. They needed a place to store their massive antique collection and decided to start this town. Collectors and pioneers at heart they made sure Ghost Town has it all.

One of the reasons we love it, is because of it’s eerie character. The buildings themselves are a reminder of simpler times, yet somehow have a very sinister feeling to them. This place has everything from a church to a jailhouse.

The buildings of Ghost Town

To illustrate, the buildings here have been brought from all parts of British Columbia all because a man couldn’t part with his collection of antiques. Dozens of buildings have been saved from destruction by moving them to their current location in Ghost Town. Taking a stroll through the streets you can see a jailhouse, a school and a watchmakers shop. It’s bloody brilliant.

st.stephens church ghost town revelstoke

A walk through forgotten times

Furthermore, various buildings located in Ghost Town can be viewed from the inside. Talk a walk through a saloon and meet the eerie statues behind the bar. Or perhaps wander upstairs and check out the sleeping quarters of guests long gone. Even wander across the street to the garage and have a peek inside the very impressive car collection.

Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before

Dalai Lama
ghost town buildings
ghost town mannequins

To your surprise, you may even run into a dog in the stable. It is a most peculiar site but the dog must definitely be on guard to protect from intruders.

ghost town buildings

Ghost Town Train Station

Finally upon further roaming of the grounds, you enter the very impressive train station. Here you can walk through some of the train cars and read up on some of the famous passengers. If you’re feeling gutsy you can even walk through one of the haunted train cars. Although they all feel alarming ,this one will definitely get your blood pumping.

ghost town trains

Ghost Town revisit

Undoubtedly the most impressive reason to visit Ghost Town is it’s size. Not only can you venture in and out of buildings and hop on and off train cars, you can literally touch and feel the history. Clearly when you are able to sit down and play a tune on the piano, you know you’re welcomed to hang around.

ghost town piano hall

Certainly notable is the uniqueness of the grounds. This place makes you feel tense but calm all at the same time. Next time you venture out West, make a stop here. You won’t be disappointed.

ghost town revelstoke british columbia
ghost town revelstoke british columbia