Staying at home with a photographer

By now everyone knows that staying at home has become the new normal. Our family has done the best at trying to accept the new norm by staying active and engaged in our day to day routines. The kids have daily schedules as do the parents when it comes to school and work related tasks. Although there are easier days than others we do what we can. But trying to contain your life in between four walls with so many bodies has its challenges. As a result we have really embraced the time we get to spend together. The added benefit of having a photographer at home is the ability to have your own personal paparazzi!

Despite the current need to self-isolate and social distance we like so many still need to work. Running a photography business without being able to photograph and interact with our clients has presented many challenges. How do you work without actually working? How do you make connections without going out into the world?

Behind the scenes while staying at home

Our business is like thousands of others in this world. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to everyone we meet and our photos speak for themselves. However, during these unprecedented times we are faced with new challenges. How can you make a business run without the ability to leave your house? We know many find themselves in the same position as us. The day to day routines have shifted and a new normal has taken precedence. We can no longer meet with clients or shake hands and get to interact with our families. So what does a stay at home photographer do? What we have always done. Take photos.

Just because we are forced to stay indoors doesn’t mean we have to suffer with boredom. Ever since the kids (and the dog) were little they’ve been used to having a camera pointed at their faces. When you live with a photographer it’s easy to understand when a shot needs to be taken or when you need to get your camera face on. Although we are positive the kids may be annoyed at times (the dog however loves getting treats for her camera time) they will be grateful once they get older. At least that’s what we hope!

Before long, life will return to normal. Our kids will once again be able to run around outside and the neighbours will come out of hiding to mow their lawns and chat in the afternoon sun. When that times comes we are determined to come out of this happier than before. We understand the need for family togetherness and connecting. It’s the foundation for which our business is built on. Now more than ever do we need to stick together and appreciate what we have. Our family always has and will continue to come first.

Up close and personal

Staying at home to connect

“We’re a nation of over exhausted and over stressed adults raising over-scheduled children”

Brene Brown

Although it may seem difficult now we are looking at the silver lining in our current situation. Between school, after school activities, sports, extra curricular, social and personal agendas, we are all exhausted. Family time has diminished in the last few decades as social media has become the new parent to our kids. Somewhere along the way we forgot to talk, sit and have dinner, engage with our family and be fully present in life’s most precious moments.

Staying at home and taking the time to recharge has revealed how important family and human interactions are in our day to day life. And although our business has had to take a back seat we count our blessings regardless. Staying at home with a photographer on hand hasn’t been all too bad. We will look back on these events and know these are the moments worth remembering. For calm seas never made a good sailor.